Assessment for Development


To psychometrically profile key managers to objectively establish dominant strengths and barriers to achieving their full potential and provide signposting for future developmental activity.

Preparatory Activity

Prior to their appointment the Manager is invited to complete a range of on-line psychometric development exercises.  These take approximately three hours to complete and can be done in the comfort of the Manager’s own home.

Meeting with Michael Lock

Michael leads the Manager through an exploration of their results.  This begins with the Manager ensuring that the profiles represent a fair, reasonably accurate and sound basis on which to proceed.  The profiles are then used to benchmark the Manager against the Job Description and Person Specification.  This leads to a clear picture of strengths and barriers to achievement that can be prioritised for action.  The final phase of the meeting can involve a presentation of the findings to the Line Manager, HR Manager and other significant stakeholders.  The purpose of the presentation is to describe the findings, draw links between the profiles and job performance and then identify an agenda for action over which all parties can take ownership.

After the Meeting

A detailed psychological report is emailed to the Manager and HR.  It includes: (a) an executive summary outlining the Michael’s perceptions of the Manager’s key strengths and barriers to achievement, (b) a detailed description of the findings with accompanying profile charts to illustrate the narrative text, (c) a Manager action planning process, where the Manager is encouraged to distil the main findings and define their own action steps, and (d) appendices to aid interpretation.  The Manager is encouraged to use the report to write their own Personal Development Plan (PDP) which is signed off by the line manager.


This should be a training room with plenty of table space, a comfortable seating area and be distraction free.  If necessary, the session can be at Michael's office.

Arranging the Appointment

Typically, the HR Department will arrange the appointment and HR will be the principal point of contact.  If, in advance of their appointment, the Manager has any query about the assessment process, in the first instance they should raise this with their Line Manager or HR.  Michael’s Office will be pleased to support the Manager with any technical difficulties experienced when completing the on-line development exercises.