Michael uses the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) in his occupational psychology work. This shows how personal pressure can sometimes cause a person to move away from others in one of five ways:

1. When the normally enthusiastic person becomes too excitable or even volatile.

2. When the normally shrewd person becomes too skeptical or even highly mistrustful.

3. When the normally careful person becomes too cautious or even avoidant.

4. When the normally independent person becomes too reserved or even detached from others.

5. When the normally focused person becomes too leisurely about doing things or even passive aggressive.

However, for some people personal pressure can sometimes cause a person to move against others in one of four ways:

6. When the normally confident person becomes too bold or even arrogant.

7. When the normally charming person becomes too mischievous or even manipulative.

8. When the normally vivacious person becomes too colourful or even over-dramatic.

9. When the normally imaginative person becomes too eccentric or even very odd.

Finally, for other people personal pressure can sometimes cause the person to move towards others in one of two ways:

10. When the normally diligent person becomes too perfectionistic or even obsessive and compulsive about things.

11. When the normally dutiful person becomes too acquiescent or even too dependent on others.